Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Well, not yet arrested, she’s on the run, but one hopes she gets arrested and the headline of this blog gets vindicated. An arrest warrant by the Maharashtra Government against her is out since December 11th 2006 (check the super link below) because she, as usual, blew her mouth off in Jammag and fraudulently and idiotically wrote negative statements about Dr. Ambedkar, and about Dalits in India. It’s sick how such tricksters like Rashmi Bansal have not been jailed since now, and how these criminals have been escaping the arms of law despite continuously writing despicable stuff. I just hope the Maharashtra government catches and jails her sooner than later.

One just has to check all the blogs all around to see how there’s not even an iota of support left for her. Time and again, this trickster Rashmi Bansal has been proven wrong again and again in the articles that she writes. The best example is when in 2005, providing proof of her ludicrous journalistic skills, she had told that the much respected IIPM, one of the leading business schools in India, advertises information which is wrong (see the link below). Once she was proven woefully baseless on facts, this pathetic woman ran away to hide behind her dear hubby’s back (I’ve mentioned it, it’s his money which runs her yellow journal).

We hope she’s jailed sooner than later, and for a long time, so that the criminals like her who believe that they can get away strutting whatever stuff they want against Dalits and Dr. Ambedkar, can be shown what can happen to them. Let’s all celebrate the demise of Ms. Idiot Rashmi Bansal, and the glorious ignominious end to what she’s an expert at, writing baseless and totally idiotic stuff in that toilet cleaning paper publication Jammag.


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